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What to Expect during an Inspection, or for IAQ, Formaldehyde and Radon Testing

The purchase of a home is, for most people, the largest investment they will make in their lifetime. With a comprehensive home inspection from Independent Inspection Services, you can help ensure that this purchase is a good financial investment as well. We help you make an informed decision and give you peace of mind.


What Is Included in a Home Inspection?

A "typical" home of 2000 square feet and average condition will take 2 hours of on-site time. We input the report into the computer at our office, not wasting your time waiting on site. We guarantee 24-hour (usually less) turnaround time with the computerized report complete with digital pictures e-mailed to you.


This visual inspection will include a non-destructive survey of the following:

  • Structure (Exterior, Interior, Attic, Basement/Foundation, & Crawl Space)
  • Roofing
  • Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning


We Also Check For:

  • Water Problems
  • Wood Rot & Other Damage
  • General Condition of Interior/Exterior Surfaces
  • Appliances Condition & Operation


*Please note that with a non-destructive, visual inspection it is difficult if not impossible to find all problems. An example of this would be water damage from a previous leak in a bathtub. There may or might not be water stains in the ceiling below. Possibly the ceiling has been painted or the space below is not accessible (another condo). We probe the wall to check for "spongy" conditions, check the condition of the caulk, the drain function, etc.  


What You Receive after Inspections & Tests:

  • A Written Report (Computerized with Digital Pictures) That Includes a Checklist of All Deficiencies
  • Summary of Major & Safety Deficiencies E-Mailed to You within 24 Hours of Inspection
  • Verbal Summary Given to You at the Inspection—No Waiting


Value Added

Most inspection companies do not offer carbon monoxide or gas leak testing or if they do, you are charged extra. We feel strongly that they should be part of the inspection and include them in our fee. Our additional services include:


  • Natural Gas or Propane Leak Detection - Tests are performed with an electronic meter.
  • Moisture Detection – We test any area for moisture that we suspect moisture may be present. This could include areas where watermarks are found on the wall or floor. We also spot check areas that have proven to be of concern in past inspections such as around bathtubs as previously discussed.
  • Carbon Monoxide – We test for the presence of carbon monoxide around the furnace. This can point to heat exchanger cracks or leaky flue pipes. On well-insulated homes, this can also point to not enough combustion air and a need for introducing additional combustion air.
  • Climb and Touch - We carry a 28 foot extension ladder so we can view and "touch" the roof and climb on it when it is safe to do so. Most inspectors view with binoculars. You cannot determine how many layers of shingles or see the imperfections with binoculars.


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Learn more about the process for inspections, radon testing, and carbon monoxide checks by contacting our Rochester, New York, company today for an appointment.




We guarantee you will have the entire inspection report complete with digital photos emailed to you within 24 Hours or less.


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